add the user to sudoers

How to Add a User to the Sudoers File in Mac OS X


Edit file /etc/sudoers

Use the arrow keys to navigate down to the “#User privilege specification” section, it should look like this:
# User privilege specification
root ALL=(ALL) ALL
%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

Put the cursor on the next empty line below the %admin entry and then press the “A” key to insert text, then type the following on a new line, replacing ‘username’ with the users short name of the account you wish to grant privilege to (hit tab between username and ALL):
username ALL=(ALL) ALL

Now hit the “ESC” (escape) key to stop editing the file

then open terminal and open the app with sudo rights.


Last login: Thu Mar 19 16:33:54 on ttys000
19216805-Sugar-Sync:~ lucycarnell$
19216805-Sugar-Sync:~ lucycarnell$ cd /Applications/Adobe\ Illustrator\ CS6/Adobe\ ;
19216805-Sugar-Sync:MacOS lucycarnell$ sudo /Applications/Adobe\ Illustrator\ CS6/Adobe\\ Illustrator


not pretty but works.